What to do or think before setting out to shop for wedding gowns

Find a shop that has your best interest at heart and will consider your body type, complexion and the theme of your wedding to guide you in making a firm decision on what style or colour your wedding gown should be.

It may be of interest to note that the theme for your wedding should have a place in deciding on the style of your dress. You sh...

Wedding Invitations

Bibi Invitations truly Unique Wedding Invitations with an exotic flavour

If you love bold patterns on shimmering metallic paper in vivid hues like red, bronze, amber or indigo or elegant pocket fold invitations with exquisite foil embellishments sumptuously  wrapped  in luxurious satin ribbons, as well as simply classic layered wedding invitations then you must consider the exotic Africa...

Maids Premier Collection [ WINDSOR BRIDAL]

1. How did MO SAÏQUE start?

MO SAÏQUE started from my love affair with shoes, my first footwear design class in 2006 and then developed into the story of a banker turned shoe designer. It was after a very intense 2-year banking project in 2008, I took a few months off and realised there was an unfulfilled passion I needed to .....


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